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2 janvier 2012 1 02 /01 /janvier /2012 10:36


It is the Spark of Love, Single Origine in each being and which transcends Death.
They is all the Numbers in ONE
and it is alive Synthèsis which reduces All in only one Point .....

It is the Weight and the Inertia and it is living Desire of Love that wants to escape them.
It is Me and it is You. It is the Wheel of Anguish of Animal Emotions
formative of Individual Will and it is the Angelic Peace Elixir.
It is the Door and it is the Key. It is total Freedom which plays to be limited itself.
It is the wealth of the Knowledge and its poison of Memory which does not make any See
It is the Rigor and the Clemence. Their Balance or insanity.
The Imbalance of the Movement and Grace of the Crowning.
It is the Child-Christ of Light which that like the Three Wise Men.
They is the Seven into Four. And its Seal which opens the tomb.
It is Salt, Mercury and Suffers it and What delivers them.
It is Work, secret Fire and it is the Divine Alchemist.
It is the Silence which can hear. It is Attraction and the Concentration.
It is the Holy Trinity hidden and the true Act which can reveal It.
It is Agni, it is the Lamb also, it is the Flame of scorned Stone.
It is What is searched through all the Activities.
It is the Lover, the Light, the only Desire which can be appeased.
It is the Fiancée, the Matter, the only Call which can be heard.



This is The First and The Last. The Almighty and The Merciful.
It is Him and it is Her. The Father and the Mother. The Son and the Girl.
It is Sat-Chit-Ananda. It is Samsara and it is the Nirvana.
It is the Tree of Life. It is the scale of the Worlds and Séphiroths.
It is the Fall and the Revelation. It is the Old and the New .
It is the Song and Breathing, the Melody and the Rhythm of Harmony.
Space and Time and More: It is the Emptyness and It is Plenitude,
The Tao which harmonizes Chaos and which measures the Finiteness by the Indefiniteness.
Compassion bottomless of the Sublime
And the original Tradition in Evolution.
The Paradox of the Fulfillment.
Science and Consciousness, the dreams of the Omniscient .
Unity at the multiple functions,
Guard of the Pole, celestial Dragon.
And winged Messengers who serve His Present.
The Impermanency of the Permanent .
It is the Impossible which plays with the Possible
And the Only Possible which achieves the Impossible ….
It is the Unforeseeable which works the Visible ;
The planned Plan which Is surprised itself by the Unforeseen ….




It is the Earth and the Universe; it is the Head, the Sphere; it is the Union of Opposites.
It is the Source and the Code and it is Connection and Connected.
It is Simplicity in Complexity, the Beauty which multiplies the Unity.
It is the Supreme Humility of the Whole which remains discrete and radiates Freedom.
It is the Great Spirit and Sacred Nature.
It is the Unit already in Duality in the Mental of Light
and the Separation completed in that of the Darkness.
And beyond the Mental double, it is prodigious Consciousness of Truth.
It is the Gold Being hidden in the Body, under the myriads of years.
It is the Essential on every Plan which is tested through the forms.
Heart, Center and Core which laughs, the tiny atom and the giant galaxy.
It is the End in the Beginning and the Beginning in the End.
It is the New Being, Spiral of Evolution which abolishes the Destiny.
It is the Grain. It is All and Nothing., the Félicity and the droppings.
They is the New Seven Unknown which strips and delivers all the Old
to cover it finally gradually Light costume.
It is the Conception always Immaculate within the miserable.
It is the pure, total, infinite Intelligence of the Love inmeasurable .
It is the Absolute Ray and Its Nothing without Name. It is the Unknowable .
It is the Mystery which we seek but it is This Mystery which only finds us.







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  • Anonyme et inconnu, n'appartenant à aucune organisation, ne vivant pas financièrement de la spiritualité, l'auteur de ce blog suit  depuis son enfance ce qu'il nomme une Voie Nouvelle de l'Impossible.
  • Anonyme et inconnu, n'appartenant à aucune organisation, ne vivant pas financièrement de la spiritualité, l'auteur de ce blog suit depuis son enfance ce qu'il nomme une Voie Nouvelle de l'Impossible.